Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Two posts for the price of one

Here's another post, with a couple of other thoughts.

1. Can a country be a democracy if the citizens of that country don't think it is? I mean, even if a country has elections, and meets the Schumpeterian minimalist criteria (competitive elections = democracy, more or less), but the people don't think the elections were competitive . . . I'm thinking here of Iraq. After the Time article that revealed that our government toyed with the idea of tampering with the Iraqi elections, and then dropped it, Iraqis are going to have huge doubts about the election, even if it is perfectly fair.

2. Doesn't it seem as if all this expectations spinning is like, say, derivative markets? It's a strategy enabling campaigns to hedge their bets; if they lose, they don't lose as badly, but if they win, they win a whole lot because they weren't expected to win. Our spin markets are quite well evolved. I'm impressed.

That's all. So maybe 1.5 posts for the price of one? Either way, I've gone from the blog-equivalent of a high end novelty store to a Walmart (but I'll probably go back to being a novelty store).


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