Friday, June 17, 2005

My speechifying Downing Street Memo post

Here's my added comment to Ted Kennedy's petition:
As a young American who believes strongly in the highest ideals of this country, it pains me to see the forces of greed, corruption, and cynical power-mongers bring our country into disrepute. Our country is founded on core principals—they define it as much as apple pie, baseball, and white picket fences. Those principals were enshrined in the Constitution by our founding fathers, where they would be protect immutibly. Yet this president has repeatedly flaunted his power, made a mockery of the Constitution, and in so doing fundamentally victimized our country. Please take this opportunity, with the evidence presented by the Downing Street Minutes staring us in the face, to defend our country. I know that you have our country's best interests at heart. Good luck.
I should be a speech writer. Or take humility classes.


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