Thursday, March 16, 2006


So I haven't posted in a while. Senior essay + running Elmseed + senior year = no blogging. But recent events demand a response. It seems most everyone is asking questions about why the democratic leadership is so effing incompetent. There was the Daily Show piece about it, which you can find at The best line from that comes when Ed Helms responds to a Dem strategist's snide chortle about how it doesn't hurt to run against Republicans who keep making mistakes. Here's something close to Helms' response: "Yeah, I got mugged once. This bum was beating me with a bottle. And I sat there and decided, I'll do nothing and wait for him to accidentally hit himself with the bottle. And he did! I was unconscious, but I'm pretty sure I won that one." That is the perfect analogy for Democratic strategy.

I just do not understand how decrying a President with low 30s approval ratings can possibly be a political misstep! I'm no political genius, but if you criticize the president, you have 60+% of the American people behind you! Triangulation? Are you kidding me? You have two thirds of the triangle just by honestly criticizing the President.

Then there's the NYTimes article about how the prospect of censure and impeachment are going to rally the Republican base. As others, especially Digby at, have pointed out, this is the one thing that might actually rally the Democratic base. More so than Hillary's desperate pandering to the right. More than the hype around Barak Obama. And the issue does not have to be impeachment. It should be oversight. It should be a restoration of checks and balances. It should be a return to democracy. That does not necessarily involve impeachment—it simply involves the Congress doing its job.

Fair enough. I've said very little original here. But this is really a demand for someone to explain to me how the current Democratic strategy makes sense.