Saturday, October 30, 2004

Osama bin Laden: Signalling an attack with his new video?

I have no idea how the Osama bin Laden tape will affect the election. I would hope not at all, since if anyone has forgotten that Osam bin Laden doesn't like America and needed to be reminded, they shouldn't be voting. But there's one point I'd like to make to the fear-mongerers on the right. Why did bin Laden need to release videos to trigger terror attacks before? Because dates of attacks are not set in advance and the cells need their cue. So, if al Qaeda were planning an attack for a set date (ahem, Election Day), why in the world would they need bin Laden to spur them into action? Who knows why bin Laden released this video (probably to mess with our heads, which has been amazingly successful), but I would bet it's not to cue attacks any time soon. Probably more posts to come. Midterms are done and done.


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