Saturday, June 25, 2005

Letter writing

Here's the email I wrote to my congressman, Randy Kuhl (R-NY):
Dear Mr. Kuhl,

I write to ask why you have not yet signed Representative Conyers' letter to President Bush asking him to answer critical questions about the Downing Street minutes. The Downing Street minutes present direct, legitimate evidence of a usurpation of government power that has driven us into a costly war, with 20,000 American soldiers killed or wounded. Given the seriousness of the issue, I would have assumed that a responsible and intelligent representative such as yourself would have eagerly signed the letter, regardless of political allegiance. Sometimes, party-lines must take a backseat to doing the right thing, defending our democracy, and holding the executive branch to the level of scrutiny that our founding fathers envisioned when they designed our government. To do otherwise is to fail our country, our citizens, and your constituents. I am looking forward to graduating from Yale University next spring. I hope that I will not have to spend my summer working furiously to unseat a congressman who ignores the most serious threats to our democracy in a mistaken sense of loyalty to his political party. Please sign Representative Conyers' letter and ensure that our country is as free and democratic as it can be.

Yours sincereley,
Nathan Huttner
I think my favorite part is the threat. Truth is, I'll probably work to unseat him no matter what. Woot woot! It'll actually be a blast to be done with college and kicking some ass.


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